My New Album Eden Is Out

In difficult times we can go to our garden of angels to rest and to take some comfort  in our guardian angel’s arms.

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back cover and tracklsit of the album Eden by Raphaela Gilla

A palce called Home

this bridge in Venice leads to the public library

home – a place where I feel safe and supported. It is a place within me. A place that I have to find within me.

Lately I asked myself how my coaching, my photography and my day job as an software consultant will fit together. I realised that I need some kind of security. Some kind of financial security and some kind inner security – a self esteem. Some believe that I am able to care for myself.
I am building this. And I am building this in a different way than I thought. Little by little.
My wife and I are planning to move to London next year. I wouldn’t do this If I wasn’t sure that I will find a job that supports me. That’s why I am training to become a salesforce administrator.
In the past I would have thought that this hold me back from being an artist and coach.
Now I know that this step is essentials for me.
I always looked for jobs where I could fit in. But now I am creating the job that suits me.
It is one step closer to my goal: Living on my own terms. And I will be creative and I will expend my coaching skills. To become independent would be much easier when I experienced that I achieved a goal I set myself because I wanted to achieve this.

Shining Things

Shining Things

Let SHINING THINGS come into your life. Now is the time my friends! My first song release from my soon coming out album EDEN is finally out.
SHINING THINGS is a healing song. By listening to the full song you achieve your higher soul level and more room for your spirit in your life. You can meditate with this song and receive messages that come from your soul.

Please share with me your experiences by listening to SHINING THINGS!