artist statement

Ingo Hampe was born in L√ľneburg and raised in Hannover, Germany. Now he lives and works  in Berlin and London.

He started photography at the age of fourteen when he got his first camera – a Minox point and shoot film camera. With it he took pictures of his travels and at punk rock shows of the bands he liked.
He taught himself the craft with a Minolta SRT 101 – an analogue SLR where he had to set everything manually from focus to aperture.  As a street photographer he looked for the decisive moment to capture a story within the picture. He trained his eye to look for leading lines, layers and frames.
He transferred his experiences into his with models today when he is aiming for natural looking pictures that have an authentic energy.

Currently he works with a Fujifilm XT-3 because he is familiar with the ergonomy of the camera. His love for the analogue experience never stopped. Lately he got himself a Mamiya C3 Professional. 6×6 medium format film camera. He likes how the limitations of the technology slows down hi working process and makes him look more precisely and create a more intimate picture that leave an emotional impact.

The exhibitions: How You Look At It (Sprengel Museum, Hannover 2000) and Das Versprechen Der Photographie (Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover 1999) introduced to him the work of Gary Winogrand, William Eggleston, Lee Friedlander.
These American street photographers inspired him to portray the everyday people, pay attention to subjects that are often overlooked or seemed to be forgotten and document the ordinary life.

In his work with models he aims to create a natural look and candid moments as kind of a staged documentary.

Ingo JHampe Photographer
Ingo Hampe with his Minolta SRT 101

portrait of humanity

portrait of humanity is a celebration of our shared values: Individuality, Community and Unity. It documents a moments of reflection on the life’s journey

We are in an urgent need of a sense of our own existence
breathe in and breathe out
like a butterfly that breaks the cocoon
take a moment of reflection
before I break the emotional barriers of what I am going to leave behind
and find my strength in this moment full of vulnerability
I search inside yourself to find the opportunity for growth in meaning and purpose

preparing for the Microsoft dynamics certification

pen paper and tablet

Recently I passed the exam Mb-900 Dynamics fundamentals. I am playing around with Dynamics 365 for over a year now and I am eager to get the certification for that.

To challenge myself I scheduled the next exam eight weeks from now.

Dividere et conquere and the Pareto principle

Every task will take the time that is given for it. The Italian mathematician Pareto ?formulated this principle. It doesn’t really matter if I set the date for the next exam eight or ten weeks from now. It will take the time I’ll give myself. It is important in that matter, that I’ll have to set myself a deadline. Otherwise it could take to infinity to accomplish my goal.

The next exam MB-200 is it much more difficult exam than the fundamentals. It is not only multiple choice. I’ll have to pay attention to the details and there will be some practical labs.

Looking at the exam as a whole would be paralyzing for me. So I divided my preparation in small durable parts. Dividere et conquere is known by the Romans and served empowers like Caesar well.


To get a trial for the practice labs is essential.
For hands on experience and practice there are these self paced labs.
In openedx there are 4 courses that cover the topics of the exam:

Additional to that there are these learning paths on Microsoft learn.

I identified 48 single topics I had to learn. Consistency is king. But I am not really a disciplined learner. To learn every day for one hour learn every would be doable.  I created a kanban board to keep track of my progress.
Now I am all wrapped up and ready to go.
Not really I spend an hour at the gym to calm down and deal with the excitement and anxiety.

What Matters Today (to me)

keeping a journal

Recently I read Make Time and Getting Things done. I wondered how my future work-life would look like.

I took an inventory of my life – what is already there – what do I want to be there. The things that matters to me:

reading, hearing, seeing interesting thoughts

 I love the internet, I love watching youtube, listening to podcast and reading newsletters and blog posts. I love to know what others think.

This is time consuming and sometimes it is a distraction from what I should do. But at the moment I need this like looking in the mirror. I ask myself, can I see myself there. Sometimes this is empowering and sometimes it discouraging.

I also love to attend festivals, conferences, meetups and read books. The offline world matters as much to me. Because in the end we live in the offline world – that’s what I believe

having interesting thoughts on my own

this happens naturally when I spend some quality time with myself. When I meditate, sit in silence, write my morning pages. It is a reaction to the thoughts that I read hear and see. Questions pop up.

Is this relay so? What if….? But how..? 

It happens when I disagree with something and I want to give my first reaction a solid foundation.

Introspection and listening to my intuition is the key.

articulate and publish my ideas

This is what I struggle the most with. I am at the beginning. Don’t let myself hide. Please bare with me. I take baby steps forward. This is one of them.

spend quality time with the ones I love

As I am writing this I am sitting in my living room listening to music with my wife. We met 10 years ago and it is the greatest gift in my life.

I was kind of a loner and I still am somehow. I feel comfortable being on my own. But a lot of things are more valuable when I can share them with somebody. It is like in the movie Into The Wild. True happiness needs to be shares. I love to travel. On one trip through the south of Italy I realised that I don’t want to travel alone. Going to a restaurant alone is much less fun.

In good times and in bad times. My wife and I lost our mothers, a father and a close friend during these years. I cannot imagine to go to the grief and pain without her support.

spend quality time with myself

As I mentioned before meditation, being alone matters to me. But also go to the gym go swimming, riding my bicycle, exercising is quality time. writing, taking pictures, listening to music are activities that nurtures my soul.


I am hungry to learn and experience new things. Visit places I have never been before, explore new paths, expand my horizon, do things I have never done before.

To step out of the comfort zone takes practice. To challenge myself is liberating. To allow myself to make mistakes and face my fears let my confidence grow. It doesn’t matter how often I fall down. What matters is how often I stand up again.

How does that fit into my actual work-life?

Part of it is already there. I managed to take a day of in the week to focus on my self. My finical resources are limited and I am looking for ways to improve that. It is not that I care about money or that I want to get rich. But money is a accelerator, a tool that helps me to achieve more and reach my goals faster. I am great full for the love and support of my wife and friends. I exercise two times a week. The morning pages a part of my morning routine. If I didn’t make I know that I always come back to it easily.

What I want to do more: Writing my business journal, record my ideas and share it with my audience. Get a coaching certification and start my own business. Do the work in alignment with my natural rhythm.

My New Album Eden Is Out

In difficult times we can go to our garden of angels to rest and to take some comfort  in our guardian angel’s arms.

apple music:
google play:

back cover and tracklsit of the album Eden by Raphaela Gilla

A palce called Home

this bridge in Venice leads to the public library

home – a place where I feel safe and supported. It is a place within me. A place that I have to find within me.

Lately I asked myself how my coaching, my photography and my day job as an software consultant will fit together. I realised that I need some kind of security. Some kind of financial security and some kind inner security – a self esteem. Some believe that I am able to care for myself.
I am building this. And I am building this in a different way than I thought. Little by little.
My wife and I are planning to move to London next year. I wouldn’t do this If I wasn’t sure that I will find a job that supports me. That’s why I am training to become a salesforce administrator.
In the past I would have thought that this hold me back from being an artist and coach.
Now I know that this step is essentials for me.
I always looked for jobs where I could fit in. But now I am creating the job that suits me.
It is one step closer to my goal: Living on my own terms. And I will be creative and I will expend my coaching skills. To become independent would be much easier when I experienced that I achieved a goal I set myself because I wanted to achieve this.

Shining Things

Shining Things

Let SHINING THINGS come into your life. Now is the time my friends! My first song release from my soon coming out album EDEN is finally out.
SHINING THINGS is a healing song. By listening to the full song you achieve your higher soul level and more room for your spirit in your life. You can meditate with this song and receive messages that come from your soul.

Please share with me your experiences by listening to SHINING THINGS!