who we are and what we do

how to live a life of pleasure ease and purpose.

enjoy life – enjoy yourself is about simplicity, empathy and technology.
it is about the emotional risk and labour that it takes to make a change:
to step into the unknown
to face the fear and
deal with failures
life is not about the things that happens to us. It is the meaning we get out of these events

Raphaela Gilla


I am a singer, vocal medium, healer and shaman. A messenger from a long divine tradition of ancient shaman tribe.
I came here to channel the knowledge and to activate healing, love, the ancient goddess and angels through vocals, melodies and sounds.
By listening to it you can achieve your higher soul level and make more room for your spirit in your life.

I always wanted to life on my own terms and explore the mysteries of life. Change was the only constant in my life. To carve my path through life I followed my intuition which guided me to places where I could grow – spiritually and economically.
As an organisational coach I would like to share my experiences in listen to my inner being and follow my intuition.
Business zen means for me to aim for simplicity, use empathy and technology, practice perception and self awareness.